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Vid recs for them what have watched Person of Interest through 2x22

1) My pre­vi­ous rec set includ­ed one vid which prop­er­ly belongs with today’s recs: When I Ruled the World by astolat
This vid vies with the next one for my favorite F/R vid. Do read the lyrics.

2) Lucky You by sisabet
The oth­er best F/R vid. This song is… not my favorite song by this band, but sis­a­bet’s inter­pre­ta­tion of Reese is painful­ly accurate.

3) Lights by talitha78
This one is about Reese and the mis­sion and F/R. It has a par­tic­u­lar F/R moment that makes me gig­gle and kick my feet.

4) Some Nights by flum­mery

The team, and what they stand for.

5) Poiesis by lim
Machine POV. This is a weird weird vid, as Machine POV should be. Link goes to youtube; vid can be down­loaded from

6) Fol­low My Feet by catnap332
This vid­der has cho­sen a joy­ful-sound­ing song to depict Reese’s road to redemption.

7) God’s Gonna Cut You Down by astolat
Before see­ing this vid, I had enjoyed a Dean Win­ches­ter vid to the same song, and because the song works so well for Dean, I can’t quite accept it for John Reese. Despite this reser­va­tion, I’m rec­c­ing it. I real­ly real­ly like what asto­lat did with the “talkin to a man from Galilee” verse.

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 03 Jan through 15 Oct

Links & Recs

POI recs

7 sto­ries for a friend who’s seen Per­son of Inter­est up to 2x03, and 1 more because I can’t help it. And at the end, a vid rec.

7 sto­ries. As usu­al, these are list­ed in no par­tic­u­lar order:

1) Catch a Boat to Eng­land, Baby (Maybe to Spain) (4343 words) by leu­pa­gus
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Explic­it
Warn­ings: Cre­ator Chose Not To Use Archive Warn­ings
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: Harold Finch, Nathan Ingram, John Reese
Addi­tion­al Tags: Pre-Canon, Alter­nate Uni­verse, Alter­nate Uni­verse: Ear­ly Meeting


The car door opens and one of the sol­diers slides in, almost brain­ing Harold with the butt of his gun. “Sor­ry, sir,” the sol­dier says, breath­less, “I thought you were in the oth­er car — but you weren’t — so I had to jump out and—”

“Who are you?” Harold says, but the sol­dier’s famil­iar; the tall one who’d looked embarrassed.

And who still looks embar­rassed. “Oh. Sor­ry, sir. Um. John Har­ris. Pri­vate Har­ris? I’m your um, assigned unit. Sir.” He sticks out a hand.


2) Truth is in the Eye of the Behold­er (1894 words) by infini­teeight
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Gen­er­al Audi­ences
Warn­ings: No Archive Warn­ings Apply
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: Harold Finch, John Reese
Addi­tion­al Tags: POV Orig­i­nal Char­ac­ter, Orig­i­nal Female Char­ac­ter — Freeform, POV Third Per­son, Unre­li­able Narrator


Dee Dee has been work­ing at this din­er for three years, and she likes to make up lit­tle sto­ries about her regulars.

Alter­nate­ly, The pro­gres­sion of Reese and Finch’s rela­tion­ship from the per­spec­tive of a wait­ress at the din­er where they meet in “Judg­ment” (1x05).


3) Pen­e­tra­tion Test­ing (8886 words) by Toft
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Explic­it
Warn­ings: No Archive Warn­ings Apply
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: John Reese, Harold Finch, Kara Stan­ton, Mark Snow
Addi­tion­al Tags: Seduc­tion, Under­cov­er, Sui­ci­dal Thoughts, Implied/Referenced Alco­hol Abuse/Alcoholism, abu­sive work­ing environment


The CIA wants to know what Harold Wren is build­ing for Nathan Ingram, so they set a hon­ey trap. They bait it with John Reese.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: I would have also tagged this as Alter­nate Universe


4) on admin error {exe­cute con­tin­gency plan} (3200 words) by Jedi But­ter­cup
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Gen­er­al Audi­ences
Warn­ings: Cre­ator Chose Not To Use Archive Warn­ings
Char­ac­ters: Joss Carter, The Machine (Per­son of Inter­est), Lionel Fus­co
Addi­tion­al Tags: Yule­tide 2012, Implied Char­ac­ter Death, Char­ac­ter of Col­or, Arti­fi­cial Intel­li­gence, Word­count: 1.000–5.000


Joss had always known, since the very first time she’d engaged with the Man in the Suit instead of just chas­ing him, how things would even­tu­al­ly come to an end.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: The future, as imag­ined in the ear­ly sea­sons of the show.


5) Flock Togeth­er (1153 words) by galaxysoup
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Gen­er­al Audi­ences
Warn­ings: No Archive Warn­ings Apply
Char­ac­ters: John Reese, Harold Finch, Bear (Per­son of Inter­est), Joss Carter, Lionel Fus­co
Addi­tion­al Tags: Crack, Humor, Fluff, Podf­ic Available


Reese has Finch. It’s only fair that Bear gets some­one too.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: This is cuteness.


6) Chap­ter Six: Harold Helps Out (1043 words) by leu­pa­gus
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Gen­er­al Audi­ences
Warn­ings: Cre­ator Chose Not To Use Archive Warn­ings
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: Bear (Per­son of Inter­est), Harold Finch, John Reese
Addi­tion­al Tags: Read­ing Aloud, Com­fort Read­ing, Insom­nia, Late at Night, Late Night Conversations


John takes walks, and Harold does the voices.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: This is also cuteness.


7) Tech­ni­cal Sup­port (13651 words) by asto­lat
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Explic­it
Warn­ings: No Archive Warn­ings Apply
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: Harold Finch, John Reese, Joss Carter
Addi­tion­al Tags: Alter­nate Uni­verse, IT Guy, First Time, Office Romance, Meme of Interest


The IFT Plaza secu­ri­ty team was­n’t what John would have called the bright­est stars in the fir­ma­ment. (Writ­ten for the tech sup­port AU prompt.)


And one sto­ry that I’m rec­c­ing even though it requires an AO3 login:

Los­ing Con­trol (7052 words) (author name not includ­ed in this rec bc fic is locked)
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Teen And Up Audi­ences
Warn­ings: Cre­ator Chose Not To Use Archive Warn­ings, Canon-Typ­i­cal Vio­lence, Dub­con kiss­ing
Char­ac­ters: Harold Finch, John Rees
Addi­tion­al Tags: Non-Con­sen­su­al Drug Use, Sex Pollen


“It’s got to be some messed-up new design­er drug,” Carter said.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: So there’s a sort of near-miss sex pollen inci­dent, but that’s not the entire sto­ry. I have a soft spot for the bit where Finch men­tors the young soft­ware dudes. (This sto­ry isn’t any more spoil­ery than the sto­ries above.)

[VID] When I Ruled The World (415 words) by asto­lat
Chap­ters: 1/1
Fan­dom: Per­son of Inter­est (TV)
Rat­ing: Teen And Up Audi­ences
Warn­ings: No Archive Warn­ings Apply
Rela­tion­ships: Harold Finch/John Reese
Char­ac­ters: Harold Finch, John Reese, Nathan Ingram, Kara Stan­ton, Jes­si­ca Arndt
Addi­tion­al Tags: Video, Fan­vids, Artist: Cold­play, Viva La Vida, Vivid­con, Vivid­con Pre­mieres 2013


Be my mir­ror, my sword and shield.

Rec­om­mender’s Note: A bit more spoil­ery than the sto­ries above.

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Links from last summer.

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Recs n Links: 17 Apr through 17 Jun

Some book­marks from this year’s reading.

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Recs n Links: 29 Oct through 25 Nov

*cough* This has been sit­ting in my drafts fold­er since 2011.

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Recs n Links: 21 Sep through 16 Oct

*cough* These recs are actu­al­ly from 2012.

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Recs n Links: 05 May through 03 Sep

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 31 Mar through 05 May

  • Piece­work — by Lin­den­sphinx — fan­dom Hunger Games Tril­o­gy — Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author Sum­ma­ry:
    Cin­na makes the best deci­sion of his career. Or the worst, if you ask Pres­i­dent Snow.

    01 Apr: hunger_games book_canon fan­f­ic author.Lindensphinx rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Once More, With Mutants — by so_shhy — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Raven: Every sin­gle day, the same position,
    Fight­ing for supremacy.
    Thought that I could say I’d found my mission,
    And I would be free,
    But this isn’t me.
    I thought leav­ing home would make me grown up
    But I should have known
    That it would still be a deception
    My life’s a façade,
    Home­sick­ness keeps catch­ing me off-guard.

    [In the back­ground Erik tap-dances across the shot. Raven jerks a thumb gloomi­ly towards him.]

    Raven: Once I used to think that his magnetic
    Pow­ers made him just my type,
    Now I kin­da feel he’s just pathetic,
    Not worth all the hype,
    Angel: All he does is gripe,
    Raven: Wan­na take a swipe.

    31 Mar: x‑men fan­f­ic author.so_shhy rec.all_fanfic

  • Wise­ly, I Say, I Am A Bach­e­lor — by Mith­rig­il — fan­dom Hunger Games Tril­o­gy — Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Sum­ma­ry:
    How Cin­na became a rev­o­lu­tion­ary, and oth­er sto­ries; most notably, how he decon­struct­ed Finnick Odair.

    02 Apr: hunger_games fan­f­ic slash nsfw author.Mithrigil rec.all_fanfic

  • post­card­mys­tery: that ever i was born to set it right:
    Oliv­er blinks and a truck roars past him; Geof­frey gets arrest­ed again when the cops come after a noise com­plaint; Ellen goes home and cries.

    In anoth­er world, Geof­frey Ten­nant is a man haunt­ed. No, wait. In anoth­er world, Geof­frey Ten­nant is haunt­ed by a very spe­cif­ic ghost.

    This Geof­frey Ten­nant sticks to gen­er­al­i­ties, thanks.

    01 Apr: slings_and_arrows fan­f­ic slash nsfw author.postcardmystery rec.all_fanfic

  • Tigers Need Pock­ets Too — by Prag­mati­cHo­minid — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011), X‑Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Alter­na­tive Title: Raven’s Breasts Destroy Mutant Society.

    The one where life in the Broth­er­hood becomes basi­cal­ly one end­less naked orgy, and Erik is just in the cor­ner feel­ing real­ly uncom­fort­able and won­der­ing what he did to deserve all this.

    His solu­tion? Talk Raven back into wear­ing cloth­ing, so the Broth­er­hood can get back to the seri­ous busi­ness of Mutant liberation.

    07 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic sfw author.PragmaticHominid rec.all_fanfic

  • cop­per­badge: 1602:
    …here’s what you need to know about 1602.

    So, Mar­vel 1602 was basi­cal­ly an alter­nate uni­verse where a bunch of Mar­vel char­ac­ters were plopped down in the late Eliz­a­bethan era; it is real­ly most famous for being writ­ten by Neil Gaiman. Nick Fury is a spy for the Queen, along with his appren­tice Peter Par­quagh­hack­gh­ha­hak — sorry.

    09 Apr: none

  • Nick­el Con­tent — by Unfor­got­ten — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    He’s not expect­ing any­one else to still be up, so it’s a sur­prise in more ways than one when he stum­bles into what he expects to be an emp­ty room to find that Erik is already — or is it still? — there, with a most­ly emp­ty tum­bler in his hand and sev­er­al rather large and decid­ed­ly emp­ty bot­tles on the end table next to him.

    There’s some­thing dan­ger­ous in the atmos­phere here, and Charles has just decid­ed to leave Erik to it when he’s spotted.

    [Chill­ing. ‑L]

    09 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic gen sfw author.Unforgotten rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Wak­ing. — by quigone­jinn — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:Sum­ma­ry:

    Ques­tion: how many peo­ple did you kill to get to Shaw? Answer: you don’t know, because you did­n’t see fit to count.

    08 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic gen sfw author.quigonejinn rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless pov.2nd

  • Lion Eyes. — by quigone­jinn — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Raven is sort­ed into Hufflepuff.

    08 Apr: x‑men harry_potter crossover fan­f­ic gen author.quigonejinn rec.all_fanfic

  • glockart: TUTORIAL: Draw­ing Char­ac­ters of Colour:
    FYI #1: there is no quick fix when it comes to any char­ac­ter design/visualization This is not a how-to.

    FYI #2: you must want to want to draw char­ac­ters of colour. No oblig­a­tion, no desul­to­ry “oh right, diver­si­ty quo­tient fill”, no after­thought (unless that after­thought then takes time, of course! :D). This is not a rep­ri­mand that YOU MUST DRAW CHARACTERS OF COLOUR ALL THE TIME, I WILL BE MONITORING YOUR ART OUTPUT. You do what you want. If you want to draw char­ac­ters of colour with­out feel­ing guilt-rid­den or like this is a chal­lenge or judge­ment on your art, then please read on.

    08 Apr: none

  • zom­bieboy­band: the piano’s been drink­ing, not me:
    The con­ver­sa­tion of their days echoed their night­time strug­gle, all push-pull-chal­lenge-desire, disguised–shallowly–in teas­ing smiles and some­times sting­ing banter.

    They have been equals, always, and that inflames Erik yet shocks him still.

    [In which Erik has some sex­ist notions. ‑L]

    08 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic slash nsfw charles/erik author.zombieboyband rec.all_fanfic

  • crack_van: Fan­dom Overview: Mar­vel Comics Update Decem­ber 2011 (XM: FC, The Avengers):
    08 Apr: x‑men avengers
  • A Mea­sure of Peace — by arcapela­go (arcanewin­ter) — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Erik’s night­mares are for­mi­da­ble, and Charles’ prox­im­i­ty is the only appar­ent cure.

    08 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic slash nsfw charles/erik author.arcapelago rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • I’ll Do Any­thing — by helens78 — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Charles has been in this col­lar ever since Kurt got Charles’s sta­tus changed from “free” to “slave”. He’d do any­thing to get out of it, includ­ing being sold to the high­est bidder.

    08 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic sfw charles/erik alternate_universe author.helens78 rec.all_fanfic

  • The Waste Land — Chap­ter 1 — by nekos­muse — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011), X‑Men (Comic­verse) [Archive of Our Own]:
    [In a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic land­scape, two mutant nations have bat­tled for years. On one side, the Shad­ow King and Emma Frost. On the oth­er, the telepaths of Genosha. In a final ploy, the Genoshans send Charles Xavier to breach the Shad­ow King’s defenses.

    Long, well-plot­ted, and tense. ‑L]

    08 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic sfw charles/erik author.nekosmuse rec.all_fanfic

  • Irene Adler (Des­tiny) | Dime­store Dames:
    There are a lot of things I find awk­ward about Des­tiny. Like her soul-crush­ing­ly creepy alien-head mask, for one. And the fact that X‑Men writ­ers have nev­er tried to smooth out her time­line, so she still offi­cial­ly met Mys­tique as an adult in the late nine­teenth cen­tu­ry, mak­ing her at least over a cen­tu­ry old when she died in bat­tle in 1989. Major props for being one of the only elder­ly women supervil­lains, though. …

    What’s not awk­ward: that Irene serves as half of one of the longest last­ing cou­ples in the Mar­vel uni­verse. The fact she and Raven are both women makes their deep, emo­tion­al­ly intense romance all the more poignant, con­sid­er­ing the lengths it took to estab­lish them as lovers. At the time, the Com­ic Code Author­i­ty didn’t allow overt ref­er­ences to homo­sex­u­al­i­ty, and in response edi­tor-in-chief Jim Shoot­er became a homo­pho­bic Scar­let Witch, whis­per­ing, “No more gay peo­ple” and mak­ing them all dis­ap­pear from Mar­vel. Chris Clare­mont went to a lot of effort to hint at the romance at just the right pitch that read­ers might tilt their head a lit­tle but an edi­tor wouldn’t imme­di­ate­ly red-pen the lines. By the time they could be offi­cial­ly deemed a cou­ple, it was con­sid­ered one of the worst kept secrets in comics.

    …one of the coolest things about Des­tiny is that she was tech­ni­cal­ly only alive and active in comics for about a decade, but she’s one of the most impor­tant mutants to ever live.

    05 May: x‑men

  • MEANWHILE IN AUSTRALIA (wacky ani­mal pics):
    03 May: none
  • Not Ready For Prime Time (Fan­doms): Fre­quent­ly Asked Ques­tions — Updat­ed 1/1/12:
    …oth­er­wise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, fem­slash, and slash mul­ti­fan­dom secret fic­tion exchange for medi­um sized fan­doms. … Basi­cal­ly? This is for the fan­doms that are no longer eli­gi­ble for Yule­tide but are not megafandoms.

    Not Prime Time was inspired by Yule­tide (the obscure or rarely writ­ten fan­doms project) and much of the for­mat and rules are based off that exchange. …

    Any­one who has an Archive of Our Own (oth­er­wise known as AO3) account can sign up. If you don’t have an AO3 account, please let us know ahead of time so we can get you an invite. There will be a post in npt_admin offer­ing AO3 invites as well. …

    01 May: none

  • pyrrhic­com­e­dy: Morn­ing­ton Cres­cent:
    Amer­i­ca could not remem­ber the last time he had want­ed to bomb some­thing this much.

    “Look,” Aus­tria sighed, “I thought we had agreed to pre-1908 Tot­ten­ham Court Road Rules.”

    “What did I do now?” he asked war­i­ly. A print­ed out map of the Lon­don Under­ground was splayed across his knees, cov­ered in dense annotations.

    29 Apr: fan­f­ic gen het­alia author.pyrrhiccomedy rec.all_fanfic

  • pyrrhic­com­e­dy: How You Say: some thoughts on find­ing a char­ac­ter’s voice.:
    Here’s the rule I made for myself as a writer: You should be able to tell which of your char­ac­ters is speak­ing just from read­ing a few lines of their dialogue…even if you strip out all their ver­bal tics, and make them all talk about the same thing.

    Just like artists, who want to give their char­ac­ters dif­fer­ent heights, weights, builds, mus­cu­la­ture, skele­tal struc­tures, and so on in order to make them visu­al­ly dis­tinct and inter­est­ing, we want to make the under­ly­ing struc­ture of how our char­ac­ters speak dis­tinc­tive and com­pelling. I’ve cat­e­go­rized a bunch of dif­fer­ent struc­tur­al dis­tinc­tions below…


    29 Apr: writ­ing

  • pyrrhic­com­e­dy: Noth­ing Seemed To Stop Them (World War I):
    I’d like to say that Villers-Bre­ton­neux held out under siege under impos­si­ble odds and remained free thanks to the fight­ing pluck of the Entente and pure-heart­ed der­ring-do, but nope. It fell into Ger­man hands on April 24th. The Ger­mans broke through the 8th Divi­sion, mak­ing a three mile wide gap in the British lines. British High Com­mand was like “oh balls, balls balls balls balls balls balls, fuck the Amer­i­cans, fuck the French, fuck the Ger­mans twice before break­fast, can some­body hike up that fuck­ing hill and retake that rat­spit vil­lage before we are all punked to Betsy.”

    Were you aware that there were Aus­tralians in France?

    There were Aus­tralians in France. And the Aus­tralian attack to recap­ture Villers-Bre­ton­neux was quite pos­si­bly the great­est indi­vid­ual feat of the war.

    29 Apr: his­to­ry

  • pyrrhic­com­e­dy: Dieu T’Aidera:
    [Characters/Pairings: France/muddy ditch OTP. Also, Joan of Arc.]

    This ditch is like me, France reflect­ed. Shal­low, and full of trash.

    He lay on his back, in the mud, beside a road that hur­ried through an emp­ty lit­tle blight of nowhere. There were trees, and trav­el­ers, some­times. Eng­land had­n’t burned this bit down, which told France that there was noth­ing impor­tant in it. So it was a good place for a ditch, and a good place for France to be. Cold slur­ry ran off the cob­bles and splashed over his leg when­ev­er a horse trun­dled by. Some­times, the hors­es stopped, and what splashed over him was warm, not cold, and he thought: yes. This is my life.

    29 Apr: fan­f­ic gen het­alia author.pyrrhiccomedy rec.all_fanfic

  • If You Liked The Book, You’ll Hate The Movie — Chap­ter 1 — by paper­clip­bitch — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    “What have you done this week?” Mr Lehn­sh­err asks, look­ing bored. The desk is cov­ered in sta­ples today; Hank doesn’t ask. “Decided to devel­op a cocaine habit?”

    “No, sir,” Hank tells him. “I’ve done noth­ing this week.”

    Mr Lehn­sh­err nods; Hank can’t work out if this is good or bad, but he sus­pects that Mr Lehn­sh­err enjoys keep­ing his stu­dents guessing.

    “Well then,” he says, reach­ing for a box file and look­ing inside, “I can give you a ques­tion­naire on self-harm­ing, or a quiz to test your drug knowl­edge while sub­tly try­ing to brain­wash you into believ­ing that all drugs will lead you to die home­less and celi­bate under a bridge.”

    Hank con­sid­ers his options and then says: “you’re men­tor­ing Alex Summers.”

    [No pow­ers, high school AU, Erik is a guid­ance coun­selor. Every­one is hor­ri­bly dys­func­tion­al and it’s played for LOLs; I enjoyed it a lot but ymmv. Five chap­ters, five dif­fer­ent view­point char­ac­ters. ‑L]

    15 Apr: x‑men fan­f­ic slash het author.paperclipbitch rec.all_fanfic

  • arduin­na: Fan­dom 1994–2000-ish, part 1:
    Archives were a spot­ty propo­si­tion in the very ear­ly days. The ear­li­est archives were FTP sites, where sto­ries sent to Usenet or mail­ing lists would get stored for peo­ple to down­load. You’d get the login infor­ma­tion from your list infor­ma­tion mes­sage, and use your FTP client to go to the ftp site and grab as much fic­tion as you could at a time — com­plete­ly blind. You had no idea what you were get­ting. (You could also get to the ftp site via your brows­er, but you still did­n’t know what you were get­ting, and you would have to down­load sto­ries one by one by click­ing links, rather than grab­bing a bunch at a time.)

    11 Apr: fan­dom

  • franzes­ka: The Usenet Gen­er­a­tion:
    …asked a ques­tion about gen­er­a­tion gaps in fan­dom, and every­one agreed that they aren’t usu­al­ly pri­mar­i­ly based on age. Years in fan­dom and what part of online or offline fan­dom you joined first have a much more sig­nif­i­cant effect. A num­ber of oth­er peo­ple men­tioned usenet; it prompt­ed me to think again about my own entry into fandom.

    I still remem­ber the title of the first fan­f­ic I read. It was Mason, a casef­ic about Mul­der and Scul­ly hav­ing to go under­cov­er as the par­ents of a child wit­ness who looked like both of them. The sec­ond fic I read, I did­n’t remem­ber the title of, but I remem­bered it being some mad­cap adven­ture on Hal­loween that end­ed with Mulder/Scully porn. More recent­ly, I looked up Mason on Gos­samer and found it was list­ed as 1997 or some­thing, which felt far too late. Google groups is a bitch to search, but new­ly inspired, I decid­ed to track down some actu­al dates to back up my hazy memories.

    Why would I do this? (Aside from being an obses­sive nerd, I mean.) Because I’ve recent­ly got­ten into zines, and the dom­i­nant nar­ra­tive in zine fan­dom of how fan­dom tran­si­tioned from offline to online spaces just does­n’t match my expe­ri­ences. It’s so far off that I have trou­ble even form­ing a coher­ent objec­tion. Peo­ple are describ­ing real expe­ri­ences, and I don’t think they have their facts or dates wrong, but some­thing just does­n’t feel right in the dis­cus­sions I see on Zinelist or the quotes I read on Fan­lore. I’d like to have a more use­ful response than “BUT BUT BUT!” This paean to usenet is it.

    11 Apr: fan­dom

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 12 Mar through 30 Mar

Fan­f­ic recs (and a vid rec)

X‑Men meta & art/fanart & picspam

Hunger Games & Catch­ing Fire book recaps — I’ve decid­ed that moviev­erse Hunger Games stuff falls into “six degrees of X‑Men” but book­verse does not.

  • What…Just Hap­pened: An After­noon With The Hunger Games:
    Me, 11:15 AM: Oh, I’ll just read a cou­ple pages.
    Me, 11:35 AM: Oh, I’ll just read a cou­ple more pages.
    Me, 11:57 AM: God­damn it I, I have shit to do today. I’ll go buy cof­fee. I will put this book down. My resolve is strong.
    Me, 12:15 PM: My resolve is so not strong. My resolve is the oppo­site of strong. What is resolve? Do they have it in Panem?

    So join me, tum­blr, on an ~excit­ing recap~ of my jour­ney through this life-killer of a nov­el. You will laugh! You will…no, you’ll prob­a­bly just laugh. At me. I don’t care; I must get it out of my brain before I like, break from san­i­ty and buy the next two on my com­put­er and end up bleed­ing out my eyes try­ing to fin­ish them as rapid­ly as pos­si­ble. I just. Hunger Games, what even are you.

    16 Mar: hunger_games

  • Dear God, Why: An Evening With Catch­ing Fire:
    Me: Okay, I fin­ished The Hunger Games, and now I’m going to go about my busi­ness like a nor­mal per­son and pick up the next book when I have time.
    Catch­ing Fire: ~Wel­come to the Hotel California~
    Me: What?
    Catch­ing Fire: ~Last thing I remem­ber, I was run­ning for the door~
    Me: Dude, what the hell. You skipped the rest of the chorus.
    Catch­ing Fire: ~I had to find the pas­sage to the place I was before~
    Me: Okay, I get it. You’re real­ly cute. Shut up now.
    Catch­ing Fire: ~Relax, said the night­man, we are pro­grammed to receive~
    Catch­ing Fire: ~You can check out any time you like, but you can nev­er leaaaaaaaaave~
    Me: If you weren’t an ebook, I would set you on fire.
    Catch­ing Fire: Speak­ing of which, Ray Brad­bury called. He wants his dystopi­an future back.A word of advice, guys: any book whose siren song is Hotel Cal­i­for­nia is a book you want to avoid. These nov­els aren’t Tiffany twist­ed; they’re just twist­ed. TWISTED AND EVIL AND AFTER MY SOUL. With that said, please feel free to enjoy the fol­low-up to my Hunger Games recap…
    16 Mar: hunger_games

Oth­er stuff

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 26 Feb through 11 Mar

Far more X‑Men meta than fic recs in this linkspam, y’all. If you haven’t seen it yet, do not miss the one about the Ori­gins: Mag­ne­to script! Also, inter­est­ing Sher­lock meta.

I haven’t been pin­board-ing all of the posts that I “liked” on tum­blr, but if you’re inter­est­ed in screen­caps and fanart most­ly of a Fas­savoy nature, there’s the link.

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 18 Feb through 26 Feb

So it turns out I lied about not post­ing to Tum­blr… but for the con­ve­nience of non-Tum­blr­ers, I’ll bring stuff back here via Pinboard.

Things I said on Tumblr:

  • McAvoy pic and Charles/Erik snip­pet:
    While this is indeed quite hot and RTMI, for me this pic is all about Steve McBride. In my head­canon for his adven­tures after series 2 of Shame­less, he still some­times puts on respectable mid­dle-class drag and tells peo­ple he’s a salesman.
    24 Feb: x‑men shame­less meta
  • Fash­ion-inspired X‑Men plot bun­nies:
    26 Feb: none
  • James McAvoy pic:
    Steve McBride, post-canon. Am I the only one ship­ping him with Bran­don Sullivan?
    25 Feb: shame shame­less
  • [X‑Men vol. 2 #96] Mag­ne­to is will­ing to kill eleven mutants…:
    Jack Hark­ness has done worse.
    24 Feb: x‑men torch­wood
  • Meta: I, too, want angry-rugby-bamf!Charles…:
    But X‑Men: Sec­ond Class would be an excel­lent time to have Charles & co res­cue the Broth­er­hood. It’s not easy, but under­neath the veneer of opti­mism Charles has a bit­ter streak and he’s going to show up his ex-boyfriend if it’s the last thing he does. End the sec­ond movie with the two teams as uneasy allies.

    X‑Men: Third Class starts with Charles and Erik both teach­ing at the school and work­ing togeth­er on var­i­ous projects. But their dif­fer­ences have been tak­ing a slow toll, and Erik still secret­ly resents Charles’s high-hand­ed deci­sions in XM2C. When they face the new cri­sis (I’m sure the third movie will have to have some plot oth­er than Charles and Erik’s rela­tion­ship, but what­ev­er), all the sup­pressed con­flicts come boil­ing out. Ulti­mate­ly, it ends in anoth­er trag­ic divorce, set­ting things up to lead into the orig­i­nal X‑Men movie.

    And then maybe they can do the post-orig­i­nal-tril­o­gy movie in which it becomes canon that the Scar­let Witch was respon­si­ble for the events of The Last Stand.

    24 Feb: x‑men meta

And now some recs and oth­er links:

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 05 Feb through 14 Feb

Links & Recs

Recs n Links: 29 Jan through 04 Feb

  • Enjoy­ing an Indif­fer­ent Domes­tic­i­ty — by sinuous_curve — fan­dom X‑Men — All Media Types, X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Erik touch­es the tips of his fin­gers to his bot­tom lip. “Would you have me as your lit­tle wife, Charles?” he asks, in that decep­tive­ly light tone that shat­ters Charles. It’s so care­less, and he only uses it when they’re caught up in moments where they are so deeply clawed into each oth­er that sep­a­ra­tion seems like a night­mare. “I’m not par­tic­u­lar­ly obedient.”

    “I don’t want obedience.”

    “Liar,” Erik says, lean­ing for­ward in his chair. He rests his elbows on his knees and looks at Charles with the fond­ness of a preda­tor cir­cling in for the kill.

    04 Feb: x‑men fan­f­ic slash nsfw charles/erik author.sinuous_curve rec.all_fanfic

  • Live Life Like I Bleed (Too Much) — by lady_krysis — fan­dom X‑Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Sum­ma­ry:
    Alex is nev­er sent to prison, so instead, he finds a fight club. Mod­ern-day AU.

    He’d done some time but not near­ly enough, and he’d stayed too low key in the joint and earned an ear­ly release.

    His face is throb­bing, and the room upstairs feels like a maze he has to nav­i­gate just to find a door and even­tu­al­ly, some fresh air. It’s still dark out, which Alex takes as anoth­er good sign as he looks left and right. His vision’s blurred, but he can see well enough to watch the row of street lights that aren’t bust­ed flick­er. The crap light­ing isn’t a sur­prise. It’s not like the city’s going to put mon­ey into a dive.

    Alex turns his head and spits to add to the run­down atmos­phere. It’s not enough mois­ture to get rid of the cot­ton-dry feel­ing in his mouth or the taste of blood when he licks his lips. He can feel the blood crust­ed on his face, and he uses the back of his hand to half-heart­ed­ly make him­self appear decent enough to catch a cab, maybe the bus if he can man­age to walk that far.

    “Name’s Dar­win,” some­one says to his left.

    [I don’t even read this pair­ing, but… ‑L]

    02 Feb: x‑men fan­f­ic slash sfw darwin/havok author.lady_krysis rec.all_fanfic

  • seuss­ian: Gen­der­swap Project #3: X‑Men: First Class!:

    31 Jan: pic­spam

  • seuss­ian: Gen­der­swap Project #6: The Avengers!:

    31 Jan: pic­spam

  • Many Kinds Of Man, Many Kinds Of Body Wash — by helens78 — fan­dom Old Spice Com­mer­i­cals [Archive of Our Own]:

    Cer­tain­ly the scent of Old Spice body wash waft­ing past my nose calls to a cer­tain ide­al­ized image of man, but in fact there are many ladies out there whose noses might ask, nay, demand Old Spice body wash to call their very own.

    And I see no rea­son those women should­n’t have what they ask for. Some ladies have been known to walk past me, scent of Old Spice tan­ta­liz­ing each and every iota of my being, and when they find me near a dark alley, sud­den­ly I’m not on my horse, I’m under their spell, moved by strong hands and strong arms and pushed against a brick wall. The brick wall shat­ters beneath the pow­er of the lady’s inten­tions and desire, and we tum­ble past it into a bed of flower petals, strewn there in hopes of pleas­ing her. 

    [Peg­ging with D/s over­tones. ‑L]

    31 Jan: fan­f­ic het nsfw author.helens78 rec.all_fanfic rec.funny

  • cesare: in re the telepa­thy of charles fran­cis xavier, phd phd phd phd phd:

    …whether Charles Xavier should be pitied because he’s asked not to read the minds of the peo­ple close to him. Turtle­totem makes the point that this depends a lot on how you per­ceive the nature of Charles’s abil­i­ty. Is his telepa­thy a “sixth sense” that’s always active unless he works to block out oth­ers’ thoughts? Or is it a pow­er that he has to exert in order to per­ceive oth­ers’ thoughts?

    …The peo­ple around him aren’t oblig­at­ed to sac­ri­fice their pri­va­cy for Charles’s com­fort. But Raven is angry that Charles fails to hear her after she told him to cov­er his ears.

    29 Jan: x‑men meta

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Recs n Links: 01 Jan through 26 Jan

Oh, and I got a tum­bler, but I’m not post­ing any­thing there; it’s just for lik­ing stuff and for stalk­ing helens78 and Cesare’s Bound & Deter­mined ‘verse.

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