Fandom/Genre: Sus­pi­cious Riv­er (Movie. Mol­ly Park­er plays Leila, a hotel clerk who pros­ti­tutes her­self to the hotel guests. Cal­lum Kei­th Ren­nie plays Gary, her scary boyfriend. Not for the faint of heart.)
Pairing/Rating: Gary/Leila, Gary/ofc, no pants
Warn­ing: Dis­turb­ing content. 
Note: For c_regalis.

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by lip­sum

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Gary’s hand strikes Leila’s cheek with a sol­id smack! but she does­n’t run from him– she is, as he’s sus­pect­ed since he first heard of her, one of the ones he was made for. Now he tilts his head, watch­ing her slow­ly straight­en in front of him, wait­ing for a sign of what she wants next.

Rewind– play:

Gary hands Leila a wad of mon­ey, which she tucks into her shoe. Before she can ask him what he wants (blowjob– every­one he’s talked to says she just gives blowjobs), his hand strikes her face with a sol­id smack!

Rewind– pause.

Gary Jensen has one great tal­ent. He can become exact­ly what a woman wants. Too bad it isn’t the kind of tal­ent a man can real­ly make a liv­ing from (who pays mon­ey to grat­i­fy female lust?) but at least he can use a small part of it in oth­er sit­u­a­tions– it’s a good tal­ent for a sales­man, for example.

He won­ders, some­times, why women want this from him. It makes even less sense up close (when it’s his hand wrapped around a slen­der throat, his cock chok­ing a soft mouth) than it did when he saw his mom let one of her boyfriends knock her around.

(Rewind. Play:

His moth­er’s thumb brush­ing his cheek. “You’re such a sweet­heart, Gary, such a hand­some, smart boy.”)

God, he loves them: the slen­der brit­tle woman five years old­er than him, with the bad dye job and the per­fect teeth; the short fat girl who let him in her ass every time; the girl with the ripe curvy body, slen­der waist, and one leg longer than the oth­er– walked fun­ny, yeah, but so grace­ful when she bounced on his cock. He tells them how amaz­ing they are, he has to tell them, because that’s him, that’s what’s inside him. God, they get inside him. He does­n’t under­stand where the oth­er things come from, how they can make him do those things.

(Fast-for­ward. Play:

Gary press­es Leila’s hand on his jeans, over his aching cock. “Feel that,” he says. “You must look hot, huh? Leila, you’d give any man a hard-on, you know that.” She’s not answer­ing his hot dirty fuck-talk, and her eyes keep slid­ing away from his, but he keeps trying.

Some­times he sus­pects she’s got a whole oth­er thing going on– not anoth­er guy (there are oth­er guys, but she gives it to him for free these days, so they don’t count), but some­thing else, some­thing he’s only a small part of. He tells him­self she isn’t cheat­ing, and that it does­n’t mat­ter when she lets him inside her.)

His moth­er used to say that he was spe­cial, but every moth­er believes her son is going to be Pres­i­dent. By the time he start­ed think­ing about grad­u­at­ing from high school and fig­ur­ing out what the fuck to do with his life, he’d real­ized he was just an ordi­nary guy, maybe not too ugly, pret­ty much aver­age in every way. And that was okay– most oth­er peo­ple were ordi­nary, too. The hell with it.

He grad­u­at­ed high school and got a fuck­ing job and went through the motions. He is what he is: Gary Jensen, cheer­ful guy.

Rewind– play:

The first time Leila comes to him, he sits on the bed and holds out a wad of mon­ey, so that she has to come to him to take it. He stands, reach­ing for his belt buck­le, while she tucks the mon­ey in her shoe. When she straight­ens up, his open palm smacks her cheek with enough force to turn her head, but she does­n’t run. She looks at him, her lips part­ed, almost smil­ing, and rais­es her chin. Do it.

And thunk!– he punch­es her, throws her down to the floor, push­es aside just enough of their cloth­ing to allow him into her cunt. Thrusts as bru­tal as rape, loose grip on her neck, his eyes closed at first. He watch­es her when he comes– not one scream, shove, or slap. Her eyes are open.

Rewind. Play:

She looks at him, her lips parted.

He knows what she’s think­ing. He does­n’t know this is the last time he’ll know.

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