Fandom/Genre: Suspicious River (Movie. Molly Parker plays Leila, a hotel clerk who prostitutes herself to the hotel guests. Callum Keith Rennie plays Gary, her scary boyfriend. Not for the faint of heart.)
Pairing/Rating: Gary/Leila, Gary/ofc, no pants
Warning: Disturbing content. 
Note: For c_regalis.

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by lipsum

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Gary’s hand strikes Leila’s cheek with a solid smack! but she doesn’t run from him– she is, as he’s suspected since he first heard of her, one of the ones he was made for. Now he tilts his head, watching her slowly straighten in front of him, waiting for a sign of what she wants next.

Rewind– play:

Gary hands Leila a wad of money, which she tucks into her shoe. Before she can ask him what he wants (blowjob– everyone he’s talked to says she just gives blowjobs), his hand strikes her face with a solid smack!

Rewind– pause.

Gary Jensen has one great talent. He can become exactly what a woman wants. Too bad it isn’t the kind of talent a man can really make a living from (who pays money to gratify female lust?) but at least he can use a small part of it in other situations– it’s a good talent for a salesman, for example.

He wonders, sometimes, why women want this from him. It makes even less sense up close (when it’s his hand wrapped around a slender throat, his cock choking a soft mouth) than it did when he saw his mom let one of her boyfriends knock her around.

(Rewind. Play:

His mother’s thumb brushing his cheek. “You’re such a sweetheart, Gary, such a handsome, smart boy.”)

God, he loves them: the slender brittle woman five years older than him, with the bad dye job and the perfect teeth; the short fat girl who let him in her ass every time; the girl with the ripe curvy body, slender waist, and one leg longer than the other– walked funny, yeah, but so graceful when she bounced on his cock. He tells them how amazing they are, he has to tell them, because that’s him, that’s what’s inside him. God, they get inside him. He doesn’t understand where the other things come from, how they can make him do those things.

(Fast-forward. Play:

Gary presses Leila’s hand on his jeans, over his aching cock. “Feel that,” he says. “You must look hot, huh? Leila, you’d give any man a hard-on, you know that.” She’s not answering his hot dirty fuck-talk, and her eyes keep sliding away from his, but he keeps trying.

Sometimes he suspects she’s got a whole other thing going on– not another guy (there are other guys, but she gives it to him for free these days, so they don’t count), but something else, something he’s only a small part of. He tells himself she isn’t cheating, and that it doesn’t matter when she lets him inside her.)

His mother used to say that he was special, but every mother believes her son is going to be President. By the time he started thinking about graduating from high school and figuring out what the fuck to do with his life, he’d realized he was just an ordinary guy, maybe not too ugly, pretty much average in every way. And that was okay– most other people were ordinary, too. The hell with it.

He graduated high school and got a fucking job and went through the motions. He is what he is: Gary Jensen, cheerful guy.

Rewind– play:

The first time Leila comes to him, he sits on the bed and holds out a wad of money, so that she has to come to him to take it. He stands, reaching for his belt buckle, while she tucks the money in her shoe. When she straightens up, his open palm smacks her cheek with enough force to turn her head, but she doesn’t run. She looks at him, her lips parted, almost smiling, and raises her chin. Do it.

And thunk!— he punches her, throws her down to the floor, pushes aside just enough of their clothing to allow him into her cunt. Thrusts as brutal as rape, loose grip on her neck, his eyes closed at first. He watches her when he comes– not one scream, shove, or slap. Her eyes are open.

Rewind. Play:

She looks at him, her lips parted.

He knows what she’s thinking. He doesn’t know this is the last time he’ll know.

~ ~ ~ ~


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