Bookmarks for September 15th

Bookmarks for September 15th:

  • spaceygal64: JB Filming Anecdotes – …in which he acts like a cheerful maniac on set. (Casting spoiler for season 2.)
  • meresy: More stuff
  • bluebelle789: *mini flail* – These pics are helping me to resolve my conflicted feelings about CKR starting to look like my step-grandpa.
  • aeshna_uk: In Unborn Tongues – He looked… lonely, she thought, […] and on the heels of that came the realisation that the only way he could hear his curious mother tongue was to speak it himself. || Hard cider and the aftermath of hard work.
  • sadbhyl: A Watcher’s Eye – He smiled, a small, knowing smile. “You might be surprised.” || Perfectly yummy bite-sized fic. (But why can’t there be MORE?)
  • roquentine: The Meek Inherit – No one he knew before her or after her would have recognized who he was with her. || Begins a bit slowly, but I love how Jack handled the situation. Really explains Ianto’s change of heart.

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