Recs n Links: 08 Aug through 08 Aug

  • yuki_onna: The Future/I mean/wowI feel like this has something to do with the whole "SF stories are IDEA STORIES and shouldn't have, like CHARACTERS or FEELINGS because those are GAY and also for GIRLS." Because poetry, despite having been written by straight white dudes for many eons without any problem, falls into the category of things that are gay and for girls, at least in the minds of people who make statements of that kind on forums and private email lists and such. So maybe there's a defensiveness about the very act of writing an SF poem–poems almost always deal in emotion and rich images, it's kind of poetry's thing. So obviously, the way to make these poems Proper SF is to strip away any feeling, or adjectives, or speakers which might be characters, and to put in a pun because Douglas Adams made that ok…

    08 Augpoetry scifi writing meta.any_fandom author:yuki_onna

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