Recs n Links: 24 Feb through 25 Feb

  • hauldyourwhist: Fic: (All)Ways:

    It wasn’t a good day for Jack. It seemed like every corner he turned there was another dead Torchwood agent waiting there for him: irritated, disoriented by their surroundings, touching things they shouldn’t be touching, wanting a pound of his flesh. Tosh, with Louis P. (died 1983, friendly fire) peering over her shoulder curiously and asking all sorts of obnoxious questions, had checked the monitors and found that there were no rift anomalies that even slightly resembled what they’d seen at the hospital with Tommy. If anything, actually, things were more quiet than usual.

    They’d just have to stick it out.

    25 Feb: torchwood fanfic slash nsfw jack_harkness.ianto_jones.omc author:heddychaa rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • azn_jack_fiend: My Reservations about Colorblind Writing and Casting:

    …the original casting call [was] for a white actor to play Rex and a woman of color to play Esther, so it wasn't race-neutral at all to begin with. The actual casting has that switched so that Esther is white (Alexa Havins) and Rex is black (Mekhi Phifer). …Jane Espenson said that they had written the characters to be "colorblind" in the first place, so they didn't make any changes. And that they wouldn't want to make Rex's character "sound stereotypical."

    …the implied attitude "we're going to ignore race of the characters entirely and why would we want to do it any other way" is especially grating when contrasted with the heavy emphasis on respecting Welsh versus US cultural differences.

    …I actually raised this point already with Jane Espenson on Twitter, publicly, and she responded pretty gracefully…

    24 Feb: torchwood racism

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