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  • astolat: Personal Appearance (adam lambert fanfic)

    He laughed when they first made him the offer, in the huge expensive suite in the gorgeous Tokyo hotel during his international promo tour, because it was so ridiculous: fifty thousand dollars for sticking his dick through a hole and getting sucked off.

    He couldn't stop laughing, actually, and then the two suits looked at each other and the woman said, "A hundred thousand dollars," like it was the number that was the problem.

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  • Sex-Positivity, Feminism, Arrogance, and Shame | Charlie Glickman

    In my experience, arrogance is often a sign of a very well-guarded shame. […] Claiming that you know what someone’s experience is like, even when your ideas are contradicted by their own words is arrogant. Judging people when they experience things differently than you do is arrogant. […] Disregarding someone else’s pain is just as arrogant as disregarding their joy.

    If you think that you’ve never done any of these things or if you think that these sorts of things are only done by the other side, that’s also a form of arrogance.

    …there are some pretty simple ways to minimize the tendency to become arrogant.They’re not easy, but they’re not complicated, either.

    …we can cultivate a sense of pride. Pride is the middle zone between shame and arrogance. If shame is the place of “I am a bad person” and arrogance is the place of “I can do no wrong,” then pride is where we can say “I am a good person AND I sometimes make mistakes.”

    20 Aug: feminism sexuality