Recs n Links: 23 Aug through 23 Aug

  • kass | Challenge: Pink Sparkly Hearts

    What was the first piece of fanfiction you ever fell in love with? Create a page for it and write about why it is awesome. (If you're not into fic, how about the first vid you ever loved? The first piece of fanart? Insert your fanwork of choice here!) The idea here is to create pages for the fanworks around which you want to draw big pink sparkly hearts. You've got two weeks; the clock starts now; ready — set — go!

    23 Aug: fanlore_wiki author:kass

  • eumelia: The Sacred Band of Torchwood

    Jack and Ianto's relationship always reflected that kind of devotion and it was certainly brought to the foreground in Children of Earth, in which Jack and Ianto fight along side each other […]

    In addition to that, there's the scar on Ianto's cheek. I've spoken before on the fact that it is shaped like a Lambda, physically marking him as Queer. I didn't know at the time, but I was later told that the Lambda was a symbol emblazoned on the shields of Spartan warriors, which further strengthens my point of Ianto as a Queer Warrior.

    My point is, despite the sweet slow dance at Gwen and Rhys' wedding, the reason Ianto and Jack are awkward about the whole "couple" thing is because, well, they're not really a couple in the modern romantic sense that we think of.

    23 Aug: meta torchwood jack_harkness.ianto_jones