Recs n Links: 23 Sep through 23 Sep

  • thingswithwings | the man, the myth, the monotone:

    Today I am inventing new rules for fanfiction. One of my new rules is, if two people are having anal sex, for the sake of the little baby jesus please, all I am asking, all I want to know, is whether they're face to face or back to front. I don't think this is so much to ask.

    23 Sep: meta.any_fandom

  • fanlore: The First Fandom challenge!:

    What was your first fandom? If it already has a page in Fanlore, go add something — even if it's just a snip of memory ("[Your_name_here] remembers XYZ…") or a link to a notable fanwork. If it doesn't yet have a page, stub one out! Remember to focus on the fandom, not on canon. And this isn't just for live-action or fiction fandoms — if your first fandom was anime or RPF or something else entirely, we want those pages, too!

    23 Sep: fanlore

  • eredien: We’re here, we’re queer, we’re boosting your Nielsen ratings:

    Modern media privileges depictions of straight people's romantic interactions in a way that queer romantic interactions are rarely privileged: through enabling straight people to ignore bad writing in a way that queer people cannot. […]

    When a queer person finds themselves in that situation (which is common), stating, "gee, I was worried that this particular show wouldn't be entertaining for me, because I couldn't be entertained on a personal level and the creators made no effort to entertain me on an artistic level," isn't strange. […]

    If people we meet only tell us stories we already know, we are not going to know what to do when we meet people whose stories are different from the ones we know.

    23 Sep: meta.any_fandom meta.panfandom lgbt author:eredien