Recs n Links: 07 Nov through 08 Nov

  • Fan Fiction Wanted!:


    I've decided that one of my Twelve Blogs of Christmas this year will feature links to fan fiction stories that involve characters I've created. It's not a contest. (I'll probably put up the vast majority of the links I get.) It's just my way of showing my continuing appreciation for people who write for fun using my characters. Here are a few rules:

    1: Only the author of a story can submit it…

    5: I'll read all the stories… [and] offer a couple of sentences of introduction, on the blog, to each link. But I won't pass on any of the links to any copyright holders. This isn't a way to get your work seen by the BBC or a comics company.

    08 Nov: none

  • seperis – i resent science a lot today:

    Child is always an inspiration and a joy forever, but I also have a fairly elaborate system in place to hide from him when he's feeling especially curious and his prepubescent ass can't bother itself with Wikipedia (ie, all the time). This is not because his questions aren't awesome; it's because at the end of the day, physics is fucking up my life.

    Most of the time, he's going on about space, which thanks to a lifetime of Star Trek and TOS I can get through with the quick addition of surreptitious googling or reference to Dr. Who and technobabble, which let me say, thank God for.

    Today was not space…

    07 Nov: funny scifi