Recs n Links: 02 Jan through 02 Jan

  • dsudis: Vorkosigan Fic: Hold the Line:

    His father had fought off the Cetagandans with little more than rocks and stubbornness, Aral knew. He would not give in while he thought he had the least chance of succeeding. Aral could not protect his family, or Gregor, or Barrayar, if he gave in to the overwhelming urge to make Miles safe in the one way he was certain of. So Aral swallowed his rage and waited.

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  • burntcopper: Fic: Putting the Natives at Ease (Narnia):

    "The pressures of combat get to some of the lads," Robert says carefully. "Make them react in odd ways."

    "I know. The ones who seem the bravest are sometimes the most useless ones, and the little weedy one who got bullied back in training turns out to be bloody good in an ambush," Peter says. "You learn to spot them, though." That one's said with calm authority, and gives Robert some idea of what his son is like as an officer. At least he's not the boasting type. Robert hated those. Everyone did.

    "No pressures yourself?" Robert asks. He's not sure how to broach the subject of [Peter's] actions in the field. He's quite sure most fathers in this day and age never feel the urge to ask their offspring about killing people.

    02 Jan: fanfic gen narnia author:burntcopper rec.all_fanfic