Recs n Links: 18 Jan through 25 Jan

  • anonymous: [Fic] Pairing Pendragon/Merlin (1/3):

    Pendragon. Everyone knew Pendragon. Since Starz Camelot had started, Pendragon had been there. He’d been in other fandoms before; he was a BNF in SGA, and he’d dabbled a bit in Legend of the Seeker, and he was known for that one Harry Potter fic he wrote where everyone was actually in an insane asylum, but Camelot, yeah, that was where he was known. Ask at Camelotficfinders for a “N00b to the fandom” search and you’d get reply after reply: Pendragon. Just read everything that Pendragon has ever done NOW.

    And Merlin, who had been lurking on Pendragon’s journal like some crazy-creepy stalker, had a comment from him. And his heart had leaped and he’d got all excited, which was probably even more crazy and creepy than just stalking around on the guy’s LJ, and now he didn’t know what to do.

    The chat window buzzed.

    GUINEVERE80: You still there? Sorry I capslocked at you. I just. I mean. PENDRAAAAAGON.

    MER.LIN: I know. I know.

    25 Jan: fanfic slash author:anonymous meta humor rec.all_fanfic rec.oh_my_god_READ_THIS

  • cthonus: fic: The Remoulding of Ianto Jones:

    A skin-crawlingly disturbing look at Jack Harkness, centuries later.

    18 Jan: fanfic torchwood jack_harkness.ianto_jones author:cthonus rec.all_fanfic