Recs n Links: 28 Feb through 02 Mar

  • helenish: NESTING BOXES:

    It is 5:41 am and apparently I am awake in order to write about Vikings. I have reached the NESTING BOXES portion of writing, where every scene you write suddenly makes you realize you need a whole new scene or three somewhere else or have to spent 30 minutes drawing floorplans of stone huts or realizing that you have characters hauling laundry a LITERAL mile to wash them in the FREAKING SALT WATER OCEAN when there is a perfectly good stream fifty feet from their hut that cannot be gotten rid of and, on top of that, there are multiple mentions of hauling buckets from a fucking WELL when there is a perfectly good stream, etc. etc. you get the idea.

    It is a short step from the NESTING BOXES stage to the I HATE EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING GDI stage…

    02 Mar: writing

  • xtricks: A BDSM Rant? In my journal? It’s more common than you think.:

    28 Feb: bdsm