Recs n Links: Oct through Nov

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  • Another One Bites The Dust – gogollescent – Good Omens – Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    [Short and terrifying Good Omens fusion.]

    07 Nov: x-men gen fanfic author.gogollescent rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • the free hugs au – Etirabys – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    The best part was- well, a lot of them were the best parts. Charles liked hugging people, he found. He hadn't done a whole lot of hugging in his life. It was good. There were all sorts of people. But it was sad when he saw some of them look for a while, and then move on.

    It's free, he thought. But it was always more complex than that. It took as much courage to take as it did to give, he supposed.

    07 Nov: x-men fanfic slash sfw charles/erik author.Etirabys rec.all_fanfic

  • Limited Release – rageprufrock – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    [The AU where Erik is an FBI agent and Alex is his informant and seriously I have seen this recced everywhere for good reason. One of the top five stories I've read in this fandom, hands down. Long and plotty. -L.]

    07 Nov: x-men fanfic slash nsfw charles/erik author.rageprufrock rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • penknife: Fic: Fear the Rest:

    [The kids become the X-Men. Erik becomes Magneto. Prequel to the first movie and written before XMFC.]

    06 Nov: x-men fanfic nsfw het slash charles/erik erik/raven author.penknife rec.all_fanfic

  • penknife: Ficlet: "Exit Lines," XMM, Charles/Erik:

    If twenty years aren't a reason, there are no reasons.

    06 Nov: x-men slash fanfic sfw charles/erik author.penknife rec.all_fanfic

  • paperclipbitch: “Snakes and Ladders Are Banned In Here”, X-Men: First Class, Charles/Erik:

    Author’s Summary: Set post movie. They never meet in public; not for fear of getting caught, but because they’re too aware of innocent bystanders.

    Excerpt: If no one draws first blood then maybe no one ever has to bleed.

    06 Nov: x-men fanfic slash sfw charles/erik angst author.paperclipbitch rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • To be said and said – pearl_o – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Erik laughs, a short dry bark without any humor in it. “You and Charles do have a lot in common,” he says, and Raven flinches even though she doesn’t know why.

    [After the beach, Erik and Raven return to the mansion with the rest, but it’s not a happy ending. Could even be a missing scene. -L]

    06 Nov: x-men fanfic slash sfw charles/erik author.pearl_o rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Enigma – Yahtzee – X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men – All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]:

    The mutant called Mobius has been on his radar for some time, though he never thought to seek her services. Her gift is a dangerous one. A desperate measure – one Magneto is increasingly determined to take.

    [Mobius warns him that there will be a price. Erik is willing to pay. He tries to go back in time to say goodbye to Charles, but instead finds himself at the gates of Auschwitz.

    …This story has set up camp in my brain, seriously, weeks later I still think about it.


    06 Nov: x-men fanfic slash sfw charles/erik author.Yahtzee rec.all_fanfic

  • Good Name for a Horse – allfireburns – Doctor Who, Valdemar series – Lackey [Archive of Our Own]:

    “There could be anything on this ship…” The Doctor stalked around the corner, all prepared to start scolding whenever he found Rose and Mickey – and pulled up short as he found a horse standing in the corridor directly ahead of him.

    [Hahahhaha… -L]

    06 Nov: doctor_who valdemar crossover fanfic gen author.allfireburns rec.all_fanfic

  • Kicks and Bucks – pearl_o – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Summary: Moira has her reasons for this thing with Erik. Erik’s motives are less clear.

    [Want more, please. -L]

    06 Nov: x-men fanfic het nsfw erik/moira author.pearl_o rec.all_fanfic

  • Close Enough to Start a War – lapetitesinge – X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men – All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]:

    From a prompt at xmen_firstkink: “One mutant Erik and Charles encounter is a precog–a weak precog, in that she can get a vague idea of the future, but not much more. She declines to go with them, but warns Charles that Erik will hurt him in a way that nobody ever has before, that Charles won’t be able to feel afterwards. What she’s talking about is Charles being shot in the spine, of course, but Charles is so wrapped up in his newly-found desire for Erik that he assumes she’s talking about an emotional betrayal, and gets paranoid…”

    [Aaaaangst. Get a box of tissues. Jealousy is an anti-kink for me, but this story handled the jealousy aspect so smoothly I never minded it. -L]

    06 Nov: x-men fanfic slash nsfw charles/erik author.lapetitsinge rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Golden – Andraste – X-Men (Movieverse) [Archive of Our Own]:

    The hours weigh heavy on Xavier tonight, but the years seem as ephemeral as a half-remembered dream. […]

    If fifty years with and without Erik have taught him anything, it’s to accept what you’re given.

    24 Oct: x-men fanfic charles/erik angst author.Andraste rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • lovingthevolume: Fic: The Deepest Secret Nobody Knows (I):

    The real reason Sally Donovan hates Sherlock so much? They have a child he never sees.

    24 Oct: sherlock gen fanfic author.lovingthevolume rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • ladylade: The Saga of Anubis (Or, How Daniel Jackson is Followed By a Kitten):

    “I are Goa’uld,” the tiny grey kitten says.

    Daniel stares down at it from his seat on the toilet. If there was ever a time for this, it is definitely not now.

    “Bow before me, cretin human,” it says.

    23 Oct: stargate_sg1 gen fanfic author.ladylade rec.all_fanfic rec.funny

  • dira: X-Men: First Class Fic: Not a Miracle:

    July 20, 1969. The unity of this instant was amazing.

    23 Oct: x-men fanfic gen auth.dsudis rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • apolesen: Fic: Love:

    ‘You know, it’s not his fault,’ he said at last. ‘It’s a disorder. He can’t be blamed.’

    [Homophobia and ableism.]

    23 Oct: x-men fanfic slash charles/erik author.apolesen rec.all_fanfic

  • Lion’s Cub Series – hedda62 – Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]:

    “All I am saying,” said Gregor patiently, “is that if he’d murdered my father, I would love him no less. Perhaps I’d love him more. And I did love him. Like… a father.”

    “Oh,” said Miles, the utter and complete realization of his stupidity crashing down on him, like a waterfall, like a volcano. “Shit.”

    [Aral meets Cavilo. Gregor visits Ekaterin. Miles, Gregor, and Simon discuss Escobar. -L]

    23 Oct: vorkosigan fanfic gen angst author.hedda62 rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Walking Away From Omelas – Raven (singlecrow) – Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Summary: Four things Cordelia did for Gregor, and one thing he did for her.

    “Don’t be kind to me, Aral,” Cordelia says, sharply. “I used to imagine taking Gregor and Miles away to Beta Colony with me. Dye their hair, give them different names. I never did it. I’m part of this.”

    “And if you had, Barrayar would be in a bloody civil war.”

    “That doesn’t make hurting a child right, you know,” Cordelia tells him gently. “It’s never right. I feel like I’m forgetting it.”

    09 Oct: vorkosigan gen fanfic author.raven_singlecrow rec.all_fanfic

  • Interlude – BlackEyedGirl – Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]:

    09 Oct: hunger_games fanfic slash pwp katniss_everdeen.johanna_mason author.BlackEyedGirl rec.all_fanfic

  • The Morning After – ambyr – Anthropomorfic – Fandom [Archive of Our Own]:

    It was almost noon when Pinboard stumbled into the office, eyes bleary. His shirt, Delicious noted, was buttoned crooked.

    “And where have YOU been all morning?” Delicious asked. The split-second glance away from the computer had been a bad idea; there was already a full screen of new complaints in his inbox.

    09 Oct: fanfic author.ambyr rec.all_fanfic

  • fanficforensics: [fanstuff, random] No, wait. I really do want a bookmarking service of our own now:

    …let’s call this what it is: silencing, perhaps just as unintended as the kind of silencing that happened during strikethrough, but just as wrong, and just as symptomatic of the ills of corporate-controlled web services that resort to censorship the second someone complains about seeing a boob. This is exactly why it’s not unrealistic or unnecessary to talk about a dedicated fannish bookmarking service.

    09 Oct: diigo

  • His Terrible Swift Sword – Chapter 1 – Yahtzee – X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Summary: Written in 2003, after “X2” was released: In the past, a young Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr struggle to discover their powers — and in the near future (the then unimaginably distant year of 2006), humanity is waging war on Magneto’s Brotherhood and losing. The ensuing battle scatters the X-Men across the globe, but brings Rogue closer to Logan than she ever dreamed possible.

    09 Oct: x-men fanfic het slash author.Yahtzee rec.all_fanfic

  • And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Catnip – cm (mumblemutter) – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    The first sign that The New Administration is not going to be exactly the same as The Old Administration is when they’re standing outside the CIA building, waiting for Erik to decide what to do next.

    A kitten comes running out from underneath a small car.

    09 Oct: x-men gen fanfic rec.all_fanfic

  • The Masked Man (Who Has Everything) – Traincat – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    “Oh, it’s Batman,” Charles said, grinning at him. “Hello, Batman!”Erik frowned. He tipped Charles’ head back, towards the warehouse’s grimy lights; his face was flushed and his pupils were blown wide.“I think he’s been drugged,” he called to Alex.

    “What gave it away?” Alex asked, sitting on top of their criminal.

    08 Oct: x-men batman fusion fanfic slash charles/erik author.Traincat rec.all_fanfic

  • The Life in Words – zeldadestry – V for Vendetta (comic) [Archive of Our Own]:

    But don’t ever think, even for a moment, that just because you have read the poem you understand it.

    [Reads like a missing page from Valerie’s last message. -L]

    07 Oct: v_for_vendetta gen fanfic author.zeldadestry rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless rec.could_be_canon

  • Stretching – Cesare – X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    “Well,” Angel says, “it’s not bad,” but her expression is critical.

    “I haven’t seen that many in real life,” says Raven, defensive.

    07 Oct: x-men fanfic slash raven/angel author.cesare rec.all_fanfic rec.sweet

  • Five Times Adrian Veidt Surprises Dan Dreiberg – spuffyduds – Watchmen [Archive of Our Own]:

    Dan turns around and goes back in the meeting hall, because it’s just rude to leave your host with a mess. It’s more usual for the mess to consist of dirty plates and beer glasses than carefully-drawn charts set on fire by a vigilante, but you deal with what you’ve got.

    07 Oct: watchmen fanfic gen author.spuffyduds rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • jedusaur: When Bookmarks Were In Mustache Land:

    (The members of the GEEK CHORUS are happily going about their usual Monday night business, reading and sharing fic, when suddenly all activity grinds to a halt. Eyes narrow. Eyebrows furrow. Hands are abruptly removed from pants.)

    Huh? What’s going on with delicious?

    We’ve redesigned! Check out our new look!

    Um, okay, sure. Whatcha got for us?


    07 Oct: fanfic meta.fandom rec.funny rec.all_fanfic

  • The Fans Are All Right (Pinboard Blog):

    For any bookmarking site, the fan subculture is valuable because it makes such heavy and creative use of tagging, and because they are great collaborators. I can’t think of a better way to stress-test a site then to get people filling it with Inception fanfic. You will get thoughtful, carefully-formatted bug reports; and if you actually fix something someone might knit you a sweater. […]

    In the long run it’s healthier for the site to have a more varied user base, and this is a group of users with a terrific track record of constructive feedback on other sites (notably LiveJournal) and a committment to privacy and non-commercialism that I think a lot of our original users share.

    07 Oct: meta.fandom

  • luninosity: fic: If Ever:

    The mission was going well so far, if the term well could be stretched to cover champagne and laughter and shared beds at an entirely unsubtle strip club. Angel had agreed to come along with them; Charles, radiating glee at this initial success, went off to make a call to the CIA, and probably put two dozen passersby into a better mood along the way.

    Erik waited until he was distracted, and then snuck around the corner and caught up to Angel before she left. He had a question for her.

    07 Oct: x-men fanfic slash charles/erik author.luninosity rec.all_fanfic

  • Offerings – Raven (singlecrow) – Vorkosigan Saga – Lois McMaster Bujold [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Summary: Some things, animal, vegetable, mineral, embarrassing, intangible, literary, priceless, that Gregor received as gifts while Emperor of Barrayar.

    03 Oct: vorkosigan fanfic gen author.raven rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless rec.insightful