Recs n Links: 18 Feb through 26 Feb

So it turns out I lied about not posting to Tumblr… but for the convenience of non-Tumblrers, I’ll bring stuff back here via Pinboard.

Things I said on Tumblr:

  • McAvoy pic and Charles/Erik snippet:
    While this is indeed quite hot and RTMI, for me this pic is all about Steve McBride. In my headcanon for his adventures after series 2 of Shameless, he still sometimes puts on respectable middle-class drag and tells people he’s a salesman.
    24 Feb: x-men shameless meta
  • Fashion-inspired X-Men plot bunnies:
    26 Feb: none
  • James McAvoy pic:
    Steve McBride, post-canon. Am I the only one shipping him with Brandon Sullivan?
    25 Feb: shame shameless
  • [X-Men vol. 2 #96] Magneto is willing to kill eleven mutants…:
    Jack Harkness has done worse.
    24 Feb: x-men torchwood
  • Meta: I, too, want angry-rugby-bamf!Charles…:
    But X-Men: Second Class would be an excellent time to have Charles & co rescue the Brotherhood. It’s not easy, but underneath the veneer of optimism Charles has a bitter streak and he’s going to show up his ex-boyfriend if it’s the last thing he does. End the second movie with the two teams as uneasy allies.

    X-Men: Third Class starts with Charles and Erik both teaching at the school and working together on various projects. But their differences have been taking a slow toll, and Erik still secretly resents Charles’s high-handed decisions in XM2C. When they face the new crisis (I’m sure the third movie will have to have some plot other than Charles and Erik’s relationship, but whatever), all the suppressed conflicts come boiling out. Ultimately, it ends in another tragic divorce, setting things up to lead into the original X-Men movie.

    And then maybe they can do the post-original-trilogy movie in which it becomes canon that the Scarlet Witch was responsible for the events of The Last Stand.

    24 Feb: x-men meta

And now some recs and other links: