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  • Enjoying an Indifferent Domesticity – by sinuous_curve – fandom X-Men – All Media Types, X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Erik touches the tips of his fingers to his bottom lip. "Would you have me as your little wife, Charles?" he asks, in that deceptively light tone that shatters Charles. It's so careless, and he only uses it when they're caught up in moments where they are so deeply clawed into each other that separation seems like a nightmare. "I'm not particularly obedient."

    "I don't want obedience."

    "Liar," Erik says, leaning forward in his chair. He rests his elbows on his knees and looks at Charles with the fondness of a predator circling in for the kill.

    04 Feb: x-men fanfic slash nsfw charles/erik author.sinuous_curve rec.all_fanfic

  • Live Life Like I Bleed (Too Much) – by lady_krysis – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author's Summary:
    Alex is never sent to prison, so instead, he finds a fight club. Modern-day AU.

    He'd done some time but not nearly enough, and he'd stayed too low key in the joint and earned an early release.

    His face is throbbing, and the room upstairs feels like a maze he has to navigate just to find a door and eventually, some fresh air. It's still dark out, which Alex takes as another good sign as he looks left and right. His vision's blurred, but he can see well enough to watch the row of street lights that aren't busted flicker. The crap lighting isn't a surprise. It's not like the city's going to put money into a dive.

    Alex turns his head and spits to add to the rundown atmosphere. It's not enough moisture to get rid of the cotton-dry feeling in his mouth or the taste of blood when he licks his lips. He can feel the blood crusted on his face, and he uses the back of his hand to half-heartedly make himself appear decent enough to catch a cab, maybe the bus if he can manage to walk that far.

    "Name's Darwin," someone says to his left.

    [I don't even read this pairing, but… -L]

    02 Feb: x-men fanfic slash sfw darwin/havok author.lady_krysis rec.all_fanfic

  • seussian: Genderswap Project #3: X-Men: First Class!:

    31 Jan: picspam

  • seussian: Genderswap Project #6: The Avengers!:

    31 Jan: picspam

  • Many Kinds Of Man, Many Kinds Of Body Wash – by helens78 – fandom Old Spice Commericals [Archive of Our Own]:

    Certainly the scent of Old Spice body wash wafting past my nose calls to a certain idealized image of man, but in fact there are many ladies out there whose noses might ask, nay, demand Old Spice body wash to call their very own.

    And I see no reason those women shouldn't have what they ask for. Some ladies have been known to walk past me, scent of Old Spice tantalizing each and every iota of my being, and when they find me near a dark alley, suddenly I'm not on my horse, I'm under their spell, moved by strong hands and strong arms and pushed against a brick wall. The brick wall shatters beneath the power of the lady's intentions and desire, and we tumble past it into a bed of flower petals, strewn there in hopes of pleasing her.

    [Pegging with D/s overtones. -L]

    31 Jan: fanfic het nsfw author.helens78 rec.all_fanfic rec.funny

  • cesare: in re the telepathy of charles francis xavier, phd phd phd phd phd:

    …whether Charles Xavier should be pitied because he's asked not to read the minds of the people close to him. Turtletotem makes the point that this depends a lot on how you perceive the nature of Charles's ability. Is his telepathy a "sixth sense" that's always active unless he works to block out others' thoughts? Or is it a power that he has to exert in order to perceive others' thoughts?

    …The people around him aren't obligated to sacrifice their privacy for Charles's comfort. But Raven is angry that Charles fails to hear her after she told him to cover his ears.

    29 Jan: x-men meta