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Hunger Games & Catching Fire book recaps – I’ve decided that movieverse Hunger Games stuff falls into “six degrees of X-Men” but bookverse does not.

  • What…Just Happened: An Afternoon With The Hunger Games:
    Me, 11:15 AM: Oh, I’ll just read a couple pages.
    Me, 11:35 AM: Oh, I’ll just read a couple more pages.
    Me, 11:57 AM: Goddamn it I, I have shit to do today. I’ll go buy coffee. I will put this book down. My resolve is strong.
    Me, 12:15 PM: My resolve is so not strong. My resolve is the opposite of strong. What is resolve? Do they have it in Panem?

    So join me, tumblr, on an ~exciting recap~ of my journey through this life-killer of a novel. You will laugh! You will…no, you’ll probably just laugh. At me. I don’t care; I must get it out of my brain before I like, break from sanity and buy the next two on my computer and end up bleeding out my eyes trying to finish them as rapidly as possible. I just. Hunger Games, what even are you.

    16 Mar: hunger_games

  • Dear God, Why: An Evening With Catching Fire:
    Me: Okay, I finished The Hunger Games, and now I’m going to go about my business like a normal person and pick up the next book when I have time.
    Catching Fire: ~Welcome to the Hotel California~
    Me: What?
    Catching Fire: ~Last thing I remember, I was running for the door~
    Me: Dude, what the hell. You skipped the rest of the chorus.
    Catching Fire: ~I had to find the passage to the place I was before~
    Me: Okay, I get it. You’re really cute. Shut up now.
    Catching Fire: ~Relax, said the nightman, we are programmed to receive~
    Catching Fire: ~You can check out any time you like, but you can never leaaaaaaaaave~
    Me: If you weren’t an ebook, I would set you on fire.
    Catching Fire: Speaking of which, Ray Bradbury called. He wants his dystopian future back.A word of advice, guys: any book whose siren song is Hotel California is a book you want to avoid. These novels aren’t Tiffany twisted; they’re just twisted. TWISTED AND EVIL AND AFTER MY SOUL. With that said, please feel free to enjoy the follow-up to my Hunger Games recap…
    16 Mar: hunger_games

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