Recs n Links: 31 Mar through 05 May

  • Piecework – by Lindensphinx – fandom Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author Summary:
    Cinna makes the best decision of his career. Or the worst, if you ask President Snow.

    01 Apr: hunger_games book_canon fanfic author.Lindensphinx rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Once More, With Mutants – by so_shhy – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Raven: Every single day, the same position,
    Fighting for supremacy.
    Thought that I could say I’d found my mission,
    And I would be free,
    But this isn’t me.
    I thought leaving home would make me grown up
    But I should have known
    That it would still be a deception
    My life’s a façade,
    Homesickness keeps catching me off-guard.

    [In the background Erik tap-dances across the shot. Raven jerks a thumb gloomily towards him.]

    Raven: Once I used to think that his magnetic
    Powers made him just my type,
    Now I kinda feel he’s just pathetic,
    Not worth all the hype,
    Angel: All he does is gripe,
    Raven: Wanna take a swipe.

    31 Mar: x-men fanfic author.so_shhy rec.all_fanfic

  • Wisely, I Say, I Am A Bachelor – by Mithrigil – fandom Hunger Games Trilogy – Suzanne Collins [Archive of Our Own]:

    Author’s Summary:
    How Cinna became a revolutionary, and other stories; most notably, how he deconstructed Finnick Odair.

    02 Apr: hunger_games fanfic slash nsfw author.Mithrigil rec.all_fanfic

  • postcardmystery: that ever i was born to set it right:
    Oliver blinks and a truck roars past him; Geoffrey gets arrested again when the cops come after a noise complaint; Ellen goes home and cries.

    In another world, Geoffrey Tennant is a man haunted. No, wait. In another world, Geoffrey Tennant is haunted by a very specific ghost.

    This Geoffrey Tennant sticks to generalities, thanks.

    01 Apr: slings_and_arrows fanfic slash nsfw author.postcardmystery rec.all_fanfic

  • Tigers Need Pockets Too – by PragmaticHominid – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Alternative Title: Raven’s Breasts Destroy Mutant Society.

    The one where life in the Brotherhood becomes basically one endless naked orgy, and Erik is just in the corner feeling really uncomfortable and wondering what he did to deserve all this.

    His solution? Talk Raven back into wearing clothing, so the Brotherhood can get back to the serious business of Mutant liberation.

    07 Apr: x-men fanfic sfw author.PragmaticHominid rec.all_fanfic

  • copperbadge: 1602:
    …here’s what you need to know about 1602.

    So, Marvel 1602 was basically an alternate universe where a bunch of Marvel characters were plopped down in the late Elizabethan era; it is really most famous for being written by Neil Gaiman. Nick Fury is a spy for the Queen, along with his apprentice Peter Parquaghhackghhahak — sorry.

    09 Apr: none

  • Nickel Content – by Unforgotten – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    He’s not expecting anyone else to still be up, so it’s a surprise in more ways than one when he stumbles into what he expects to be an empty room to find that Erik is already – or is it still? – there, with a mostly empty tumbler in his hand and several rather large and decidedly empty bottles on the end table next to him.

    There’s something dangerous in the atmosphere here, and Charles has just decided to leave Erik to it when he’s spotted.

    [Chilling. -L]

    09 Apr: x-men fanfic gen sfw author.Unforgotten rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • Waking. – by quigonejinn – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:Summary:

    Question: how many people did you kill to get to Shaw? Answer: you don’t know, because you didn’t see fit to count.

    08 Apr: x-men fanfic gen sfw author.quigonejinn rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless pov.2nd

  • Lion Eyes. – by quigonejinn – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Raven is sorted into Hufflepuff.

    08 Apr: x-men harry_potter crossover fanfic gen author.quigonejinn rec.all_fanfic

  • glockart: TUTORIAL: Drawing Characters of Colour:
    FYI #1: there is no quick fix when it comes to any character design/visualization This is not a how-to.

    FYI #2: you must want to want to draw characters of colour. No obligation, no desultory “oh right, diversity quotient fill”, no afterthought (unless that afterthought then takes time, of course! :D). This is not a reprimand that YOU MUST DRAW CHARACTERS OF COLOUR ALL THE TIME, I WILL BE MONITORING YOUR ART OUTPUT. You do what you want. If you want to draw characters of colour without feeling guilt-ridden or like this is a challenge or judgement on your art, then please read on.

    08 Apr: none

  • zombieboyband: the piano’s been drinking, not me:
    The conversation of their days echoed their nighttime struggle, all push-pull-challenge-desire, disguised–shallowly–in teasing smiles and sometimes stinging banter.

    They have been equals, always, and that inflames Erik yet shocks him still.

    [In which Erik has some sexist notions. -L]

    08 Apr: x-men fanfic slash nsfw charles/erik author.zombieboyband rec.all_fanfic

  • crack_van: Fandom Overview: Marvel Comics Update December 2011 (XM: FC, The Avengers):
    08 Apr: x-men avengers
  • A Measure of Peace – by arcapelago (arcanewinter) – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    Erik’s nightmares are formidable, and Charles’ proximity is the only apparent cure.

    08 Apr: x-men fanfic slash nsfw charles/erik author.arcapelago rec.all_fanfic rec.flawless

  • I’ll Do Anything – by helens78 – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:

    Charles has been in this collar ever since Kurt got Charles’s status changed from “free” to “slave”. He’d do anything to get out of it, including being sold to the highest bidder.

    08 Apr: x-men fanfic sfw charles/erik alternate_universe author.helens78 rec.all_fanfic

  • The Waste Land – Chapter 1 – by nekosmuse – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011), X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]:
    [In a post-apocalyptic landscape, two mutant nations have battled for years. On one side, the Shadow King and Emma Frost. On the other, the telepaths of Genosha. In a final ploy, the Genoshans send Charles Xavier to breach the Shadow King’s defenses.

    Long, well-plotted, and tense. -L]

    08 Apr: x-men fanfic sfw charles/erik author.nekosmuse rec.all_fanfic

  • Irene Adler (Destiny) | Dimestore Dames:
    There are a lot of things I find awkward about Destiny. Like her soul-crushingly creepy alien-head mask, for one. And the fact that X-Men writers have never tried to smooth out her timeline, so she still officially met Mystique as an adult in the late nineteenth century, making her at least over a century old when she died in battle in 1989. Major props for being one of the only elderly women supervillains, though. …

    What’s not awkward: that Irene serves as half of one of the longest lasting couples in the Marvel universe. The fact she and Raven are both women makes their deep, emotionally intense romance all the more poignant, considering the lengths it took to establish them as lovers. At the time, the Comic Code Authority didn’t allow overt references to homosexuality, and in response editor-in-chief Jim Shooter became a homophobic Scarlet Witch, whispering, “No more gay people” and making them all disappear from Marvel. Chris Claremont went to a lot of effort to hint at the romance at just the right pitch that readers might tilt their head a little but an editor wouldn’t immediately red-pen the lines. By the time they could be officially deemed a couple, it was considered one of the worst kept secrets in comics.

    …one of the coolest things about Destiny is that she was technically only alive and active in comics for about a decade, but she’s one of the most important mutants to ever live.

    05 May: x-men

  • MEANWHILE IN AUSTRALIA (wacky animal pics):
    03 May: none
  • Not Ready For Prime Time (Fandoms): Frequently Asked Questions – Updated 1/1/12:
    …otherwise known as Not Prime Time, is a gen, het, femslash, and slash multifandom secret fiction exchange for medium sized fandoms. … Basically? This is for the fandoms that are no longer eligible for Yuletide but are not megafandoms.

    Not Prime Time was inspired by Yuletide (the obscure or rarely written fandoms project) and much of the format and rules are based off that exchange. …

    Anyone who has an Archive of Our Own (otherwise known as AO3) account can sign up. If you don’t have an AO3 account, please let us know ahead of time so we can get you an invite. There will be a post in npt_admin offering AO3 invites as well. …

    01 May: none

  • pyrrhiccomedy: Mornington Crescent:
    America could not remember the last time he had wanted to bomb something this much.

    “Look,” Austria sighed, “I thought we had agreed to pre-1908 Tottenham Court Road Rules.”

    “What did I do now?” he asked warily. A printed out map of the London Underground was splayed across his knees, covered in dense annotations.

    29 Apr: fanfic gen hetalia author.pyrrhiccomedy rec.all_fanfic

  • pyrrhiccomedy: How You Say: some thoughts on finding a character’s voice.:
    Here’s the rule I made for myself as a writer: You should be able to tell which of your characters is speaking just from reading a few lines of their dialogue…even if you strip out all their verbal tics, and make them all talk about the same thing.

    Just like artists, who want to give their characters different heights, weights, builds, musculature, skeletal structures, and so on in order to make them visually distinct and interesting, we want to make the underlying structure of how our characters speak distinctive and compelling. I’ve categorized a bunch of different structural distinctions below…


    29 Apr: writing

  • pyrrhiccomedy: Nothing Seemed To Stop Them (World War I):
    I’d like to say that Villers-Bretonneux held out under siege under impossible odds and remained free thanks to the fighting pluck of the Entente and pure-hearted derring-do, but nope. It fell into German hands on April 24th. The Germans broke through the 8th Division, making a three mile wide gap in the British lines. British High Command was like “oh balls, balls balls balls balls balls balls, fuck the Americans, fuck the French, fuck the Germans twice before breakfast, can somebody hike up that fucking hill and retake that ratspit village before we are all punked to Betsy.”

    Were you aware that there were Australians in France?

    There were Australians in France. And the Australian attack to recapture Villers-Bretonneux was quite possibly the greatest individual feat of the war.

    29 Apr: history

  • pyrrhiccomedy: Dieu T’Aidera:
    [Characters/Pairings: France/muddy ditch OTP. Also, Joan of Arc.]

    This ditch is like me, France reflected. Shallow, and full of trash.

    He lay on his back, in the mud, beside a road that hurried through an empty little blight of nowhere. There were trees, and travelers, sometimes. England hadn’t burned this bit down, which told France that there was nothing important in it. So it was a good place for a ditch, and a good place for France to be. Cold slurry ran off the cobbles and splashed over his leg whenever a horse trundled by. Sometimes, the horses stopped, and what splashed over him was warm, not cold, and he thought: yes. This is my life.

    29 Apr: fanfic gen hetalia author.pyrrhiccomedy rec.all_fanfic

  • If You Liked The Book, You’ll Hate The Movie – Chapter 1 – by paperclipbitch – fandom X-Men: First Class (2011) [Archive of Our Own]:
    “What have you done this week?” Mr Lehnsherr asks, looking bored. The desk is covered in staples today; Hank doesn’t ask. “Decided to develop a cocaine habit?”

    “No, sir,” Hank tells him. “I’ve done nothing this week.”

    Mr Lehnsherr nods; Hank can’t work out if this is good or bad, but he suspects that Mr Lehnsherr enjoys keeping his students guessing.

    “Well then,” he says, reaching for a box file and looking inside, “I can give you a questionnaire on self-harming, or a quiz to test your drug knowledge while subtly trying to brainwash you into believing that all drugs will lead you to die homeless and celibate under a bridge.”

    Hank considers his options and then says: “you’re mentoring Alex Summers.”

    [No powers, high school AU, Erik is a guidance counselor. Everyone is horribly dysfunctional and it’s played for LOLs; I enjoyed it a lot but ymmv. Five chapters, five different viewpoint characters. -L]

    15 Apr: x-men fanfic slash het author.paperclipbitch rec.all_fanfic

  • arduinna: Fandom 1994-2000-ish, part 1:
    Archives were a spotty proposition in the very early days. The earliest archives were FTP sites, where stories sent to Usenet or mailing lists would get stored for people to download. You’d get the login information from your list information message, and use your FTP client to go to the ftp site and grab as much fiction as you could at a time – completely blind. You had no idea what you were getting. (You could also get to the ftp site via your browser, but you still didn’t know what you were getting, and you would have to download stories one by one by clicking links, rather than grabbing a bunch at a time.)

    11 Apr: fandom

  • franzeska: The Usenet Generation:
    …asked a question about generation gaps in fandom, and everyone agreed that they aren’t usually primarily based on age. Years in fandom and what part of online or offline fandom you joined first have a much more significant effect. A number of other people mentioned usenet; it prompted me to think again about my own entry into fandom.

    I still remember the title of the first fanfic I read. It was Mason, a casefic about Mulder and Scully having to go undercover as the parents of a child witness who looked like both of them. The second fic I read, I didn’t remember the title of, but I remembered it being some madcap adventure on Halloween that ended with Mulder/Scully porn. More recently, I looked up Mason on Gossamer and found it was listed as 1997 or something, which felt far too late. Google groups is a bitch to search, but newly inspired, I decided to track down some actual dates to back up my hazy memories.

    Why would I do this? (Aside from being an obsessive nerd, I mean.) Because I’ve recently gotten into zines, and the dominant narrative in zine fandom of how fandom transitioned from offline to online spaces just doesn’t match my experiences. It’s so far off that I have trouble even forming a coherent objection. People are describing real experiences, and I don’t think they have their facts or dates wrong, but something just doesn’t feel right in the discussions I see on Zinelist or the quotes I read on Fanlore. I’d like to have a more useful response than “BUT BUT BUT!” This paean to usenet is it.

    11 Apr: fandom