Vid recs for them what have watched Person of Interest through 2×22

1) My previous rec set included one vid which properly belongs with today’s recs: When I Ruled the World by astolat
This vid vies with the next one for my favorite F/R vid. Do read the lyrics.

2) Lucky You by sisabet
The other best F/R vid. This song is… not my favorite song by this band, but sisabet’s interpretation of Reese is painfully accurate.

3) Lights by talitha78
This one is about Reese and the mission and F/R. It has a particular F/R moment that makes me giggle and kick my feet.

4) Some Nights by flummery

The team, and what they stand for.

5) Poiesis by lim
Machine POV. This is a weird weird vid, as Machine POV should be. Link goes to youtube; vid can be downloaded from

6) Follow My Feet by catnap332
This vidder has chosen a joyful-sounding song to depict Reese’s road to redemption.

7) God’s Gonna Cut You Down by astolat
Before seeing this vid, I had enjoyed a Dean Winchester vid to the same song, and because the song works so well for Dean, I can’t quite accept it for John Reese. Despite this reservation, I’m reccing it. I really really like what astolat did with the “talkin to a man from Galilee” verse.