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My listing at the Directorium: Lorem Ipsum.

  • Library – my fannish output (mostly fic).
  • Due South Tarot ficlets [LJ] – for a short while there I was writing one ficlet a day, as inspired by a randomly-drawn tarot card. Some of these are good; some aren’t so much.
  • Real Person Slash [LJ] – under friends-lock.
  • WIPs [LJ] – bits and pieces of stories in progress (note: I do not guarantee that any of them will ever be finished). Fandoms: LotR, Due South.
  • Links & Recs – mainly my daily del.icio.us postings.
  • My LiveJournal – the front porch of my brain.
  • At present, I have no plan for announcing site redesigns/new stories uploaded, hiatuses, etc. Any RSS feeds you may find are not guaranteed to remain stable, as I am still tinkering with WordPress.

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How I’m (ab)using WordPress to store my fanfic:

* WordPress is installed in a subfolder rather than the site root
* I’ve tricked wp into keeping the “front page” in the site root (by default, the front page lives in the folder where wp is installed)
* Static front page plugin – as a result of this and previous modification, each category looks like its own little blog
* Adhesive – Sticky page plugin for sticking a post to the top of a category
* Del.icio.us automagic posting of links to Links & Recs category – with Del.icio.us Daily Post Formatting plugin to make it look a bit nicer
* Google search widget rather than default wp search util
* Del.icio.us widget to display recently tagged fics
* Fandoms are categories. Should ratings also be?

Changes I’d like to make in the future:

* Use my own banner image
* Narrower page margins (use more of the page’s horizontal space)
* Horizontal navigation menus and shorter or nonexistent sidebars – definitely want nonexistent sidebars on “single post view”
* “Ecradiate” all references to wp’s comments features
* Different color schemes for each category
* Modify the error msgs (404, etc)
* Delete cruft

Reading – where I left off in the wp docs: Template Heirarchy; Theme Development.

del.icio.us tagging reference: